Thinking about remodeling your home? Some of the most popular upgrades that home owners invest money in might not be worth the cash.

Upscale bathroom and master suite remodels top the list.

Potential home buyers might not share the same taste and won’t be willing to pay a higher price for a style they don’t like.

Another upgrade that is unlikely to make you money is a composite deck addition.

If your home looks out of place in the neighborhood as a result from all the “cool additions” you spent thousands on, potential buyers probably won’t be interested.

Instead, a new front door, new roof, and fiberglass attic insulation are top negotiating tools and can have a return on investment over 116 percent! Promoting curb appeal is the biggest takeaway from this report.

Keep these pointers in mind when you’re thinking about updating your home!

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“Which home upgrades really pay off?” BuilderGirl Magazine, September 2014, pg 26-27.